11th December 2013

What's been described as 'a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe' is in fact the unique work of Lucas Abela, a maverick musician with an unhealthy obsession with sheets of broken glass.

Initially classed as a turntablist, though his work has rarely resembled anything in the field, early feats saw him stabb vinyl with Kruger style stylus gloves, bound on electro acoustic trampolines, drag race the pope across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, perform deaf defying duet duels with amplified samurai swords, hospitalised by high powered turntables constructed from sewing machine motors, record chance John Peel sessions with the Flaming Lips, become Otomo Yoshihides' favourite entry into his Ground Zero remix competition 'Consummation' (instead of sampling the CD he destroyed it using amplified skewers!).

Today these turntable roots have became almost unrecognisable; the diamond tipped style evolving into sheets of glass vibrated with his mouth, an infamous show that has astonished and bemused countless people in over 40 countries. Ecstatically Abela purses his lips against amplified glass whilst deftly employing various vocal techniques, ranging from throat singing to raspberries turning the discarded shards into crude musical instruments, resulting is a wild array of cacophonous noise that is strangely controlled and oddly musical. The instrument's simple, original and effective premise is a welcome riposte to over complicated musical performances of modern times. A one of a kind act re-defining the expression 'don't try this at home' this show quite simply needs to be witnessed to be fully appreciated, let alone understood.

He has been perfecting this instrument since its invention in 2003, perfroming internationally as Justice Yeldham and with his glass/ drums/ piano trio, Rice Corpse. More Recently, Abela has begun experimenting with custom made sheets of casted crystal to hone the instruments potential further with the material having an exquisite resonance.


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