KINEMASTIK completed a cultural excursion to the east of Europe, all the way to Odessa, Ukraine.
On our way to Odessa, we have stopped in Skopje (Macedonia), Belgrade (Serbia), Novi Sad (Serbia), Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia), Bucharest (Romania) and Chisinau (Moldova).
We carried most of the equipment in our bags, like a burden of our dreams, hopping on trains en route to the Black Sea.
This project had a multimedia character consisting of short film screenings, a photography exhibition, illustration and a musical event.
This journey was made possible through the Malta Arts Fund.

As part this project, we presented an exhibition of selected photographs of Malta, resisting the change of modern times, seen through the camera lens of British photographer Ali Tollervey. A regular contributor to Kinemastik, Ali combines the neutral perspective of the outsider with the understanding of a local, producing images free of clichés of travel/tourist photography whilst maintaining a certain distance. Ali Tollervey will present his work through a series of slides, celebrating the invention of disappearing carousel slide projectors.
KINEMASTIK also presented work by London-based illustrator, Chris Bianchi. Born in Malta, he moved to London in 1998 where after completing a BA at the Royal College of Art, he co-founded the periodical publication, Le Gun. He is also the co-founder of quarterly magazine Bare Bones. He has exhibited his personal work in galleries such as Daniel Blau-London/Munich, Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, Bourouina Gallery Berlin, Neu Gallery London, Gallery Fake in Tokyo etc. Chris Bianchi also works for a wide range of commercial clients including Channel 4Uk, Levis and Paul Smith.

Besides his photographic skills of capturing the well known UK musicians such as Oasis, Chemical Brothers, Dizzie Rascal and others, Ali has DJed with a number of established artists such Cash Money, Mark Ronson, Afrika Bambaataa, Company Flow and others. Ali Tollervey has been a resident DJ at Kinemastik Festival since day one.

KINEMASTIK traveled from Malta to Odessa in June 2013.
June 5th – Skopje (Macedonia) – Menada
June 8th – Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia) Lapidarijum
June 9th – Novi Sad - MMC Led Art
June 10th - Beograd - Kulturni Centar REX
June 15th – Bucharest (Romania) – Fabrica
June 19th - Chisinau(Moldova) - Spalatorie
June 24th – Odessa (Ukraine) -Contemporary Arts Museum

KINEMASTIK goes East Europe was represented by:
Slavko Vukanovic
Chris Bianchi
Ali Tollervey
Sandra Banthorpe


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