Toby Amies presented his documentary The Man Whose Mind Exploded. Drako Oho Zarhazar, a Brighton resident in his seventies for whom the word 'eccentric' barely does justice. Drako's past was spoken of in rumour and anecdote; how he modelled for Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Derek Jarman, and did time in prison for selling hash and acid (the Rolling Stones being supposedly among his clients). Born in 1936, he had been a ballet dancer and a leather-clad biker, and was a respected elder statesman on the 1980s London fetish club scene. But Drako's past was as much a mystery to himself as to others; two separate, serious accidents, both of which put him into comas, left Drako with a rare form of amnesia that effectively prevented his brain from generating new memories. So not only was his long and colourful life reduced to a fragmentary collection of stories that he would repeat to himself, but he was incapable of remembering what happened the day before, or a conversation he had five minutes earlier.      

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