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We all know that films matter. We have given our labour to perhaps the only art form that brings people together, inspires, educates and challenges them. Films build bridges of empathy across vast divides of difference. Films do make the world a better place.

By choosing to run film festivals, we have acknowledged firsthand the importance of cinema, but are we contributing enough to save it, to push it forward? Are we on the bus or are we part of the problem? What is our real contribution to the new generation of Maltese filmmakers? How can Maltese filmmakers access international funds to make their films? How should they pitch them to large film festivals?

These and other questions formed a part of a forum, a conversation that hopefully brought along some answers.

Joshua De Giorgio, Mario Borg and Jon Banthorpe fried something that evening that was later known as the best fish meal in history.

Alessandro Beretta – Milano Film Festival
Charlie Phillips – Sheffield Docs
Katie Metcalfe – Shorts Programmer Sundance Film Festival
Slavko Vukanovic - Kinemastik

This event was supported by Creative Europe


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