Kinemastik has set up a number of screenings for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People that has set off a much larger project of campaigning for the rights of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People and their access to the new media.
In March 2012, we have organised a couple of screenings at the Deaf People Society at Lascaris Wharf, Valletta.
Few months later, we have invited people from the Deaf People Association to join Kinemastik team in making a promo for a campaign that would introduce the subtitles to Maltese cinemas and on TV.
This promo has been seen by more than 5000 people on YouTube.
youtube link
Then we created a facebook page, titled “Subtitles Now!” that invited people to join our cause. All the printed local media got interested in the project, that shot off like a star amongst Maltese citizens, who massively supported the idea.
A week later, Eden Cinemas screened its first film with the closed captioning.
With the help of Deaf People Association, Malta Sign Language Association and National Commission for Persons with Disabilities we will continue projecting various films that will be subtitled for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
We have made contacts with a number of Deaf People Short Film Festivals who have sent us a number of shorts that we will be screening in the coming months.
Through various contacts we made in the past, have managed to connect members of Deaf Community of Malta with a Deaf Film Festival in Bologna. Maltese Deaf Community members visited the festival in May this year, where Kinemastik promo was shown to the Italian audiences.
On 20th July, we have organized our 5th Children Film Festival, having for the first time a sign language interpreter simultaneously interpreting the films. Hearing children had the opportunity to learn some words in Maltese sign language.
Result of this project is a very satisfactory one, where we have created a nation wide awareness of the need for equal treatment of all of our citizens.
Deaf Community now has access to the Maltese cinemas where closed captioning has been introduced as a direct consequence of this campaign.
This has been done thanks to the support we have received from “Il-Premju Tal-President Ghall-Kreattivita”.
As we continue our campaign, we invite you to join our cause here

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